Kuşadasi Pamukkale

  • The Brills at Pamukkale
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Go back to the past in the city of Pamukkale which is 2.000 years old.

Departure from Kusadasi at 08:30am.
Before the tour of Pamukkale, a lunch break will be given at a local restaurant.
After lunch, Pamukkale where Hierapolis Ancient City and Calcium Terraces take place is visited.

Pamukkale Tour is a daily group covering the historical and natural areas following the Necropolis, Roman Baths, Domitian Gate, Latrina, Petrol Factory, Frontinus Street, Agora, Byzantine Gate, Triton Fountain, Cathedral. Apollo Temple, Plutonium, Theater and Cleopatra Antique Pool in Hierapolis, you have the opportunity to take photographs of the best spots in Pamukkale while walking traverses without shoes, slippers and socks. Karahayıt and Red Water are also on the tour.

Pamukkale Tour in Pamukkale in Hierapolis (Swimming Pool 35 TL)
20:00 Arrival and departure from Kusadasi,

Including lunch, Trasfer, guide