Marmaris Doplhin Park

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The world’s most peaceful, human-friendly and caring animals, the dolphins in Marmaris are waiting for you to swim.

What do you think about swimming in our dolphin park instructors’ control center, which is a complete therapy center?

0-6 years free of charge, between 7-10 is a 25% discount. If you have at least 1 adultery in the year.

Choose from 3 different programs and visit the dolphins.


If you want to see, touch, play, feed and even kiss the dolphins, this program is for you.

Before the trainers introduce you, watch the show and get close to them and have a good time.


Everyone can swim with the dolphins as long as you are above 12 years old. You want to get as close as possible to them and swim together. Would you like to hold on to the dolphin and let you tour together? Take a picture in the pool Dolphin park is limited to 5 people, but you can also ask for couple swim.


If you do not want to be into the water, but watch the dolphins and want to see them closer, this program is for you. You can sit down on the platform and watch the whole show and you can take pictures of the atmosphere and make them immortal.

It is made up of 3 interconnected large pools that are surrounded by private pools built into the sea for swimming with the dolphins. The dolphins meet you without leaving the natural environment.