Kuşadasi Scuba Diving

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Relish the colourful underwater life of the Aegean, during your Kusadasi holiday.
Approximately 5 hrs 30 min From 09:00 till 14:30
Kusadasi, with its ever-clear waters and rich underwater life, is perfect resort for Scuba Divers of all levels.
As our dive boat departs from Kusadasi beginners are first given an onboard theoretical instruction about the equipment, safety and underwater sign-language. Following the practical training and the breathing exercises on the surface, beginners are taken underwater in a hand by hand style. A gradual descent with long enough pauses at each meter allows the beginner to feel confident and comfortable. At the third meter you reach the bottom and can feed the fish while the second instructor takes your pictures and videos. By this time you will feel relaxed, confident and ready to swim around the island at a deeper level. Your instructor adjusts the air in your suit precisely so that you stay suspended at the required depth.

No gravity, no worries, just admire the beautiful world embracing you.

As for Certified Divers, escorted buy their buddy-instructors, they can enjoy deeper levels depending on their certificates. Kusadasi boasts various excellent diving opportunities offering underwater caves, reefs and wrecks for experienced divers.
Pick-up and Drop-back service, Insurance, Sandwiches, Instruction, Wetsuits & Full Equipment
Drinks, Photography & Filming services
Good medical condition and minimum 14 years of age

Bring along
Swimsuits, Sun-creams, Towel