Cappadocia Turkish Night

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Turkish Night with traditional costumes and, of course, emphasizes dance traditions of various regions of Turkey filled with belly dancers.

This live performance is a great way to enjoy traditional Turkish music, dance and participate in festivals during audience participation.
The show begins with the Turkish folk dancers appearing on stage and begins to dance. dancers, including the bride and groom, will exhibit the traditional way a girl will marry in Turkey. The bride is wearing a beautiful red dress dance in the middle and the groom comes to put on different shows for her. First he shows how handsome he is, then how strong he is, and finally how rich he is. After you have rejected all these indications, come and accept the marriage with the groom when the heart tells you that you hit him. When they start wedding dances, all guests are invited to dance with them. After a few folk dances from different regions of Turkey, on the night side of the highlights: Belly Dancer! Make your breathtaking dance and wander around all the tables to get a man from every table. Men have a great time learning some secrets of belly dancing with some basic movements. After the other dances and shows such as the fire dance, the knife dance and the drum show, it ends at 23:30 at night and you are returned to your hotel. During the night, the waiters will serve mezze and unlimited soft and alcoholic beverages. The main course, Turkey will be a barbecue with traditional wedding meal.
Unlimited Turkish beer, wine and raki
transfer is included.


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